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This blog is on the move…for no other reason than the want of a better name.  I’ve been convince by friends that Nigeosyncline is a difficult name to pronounce talk less of remember. Locating the hyphen after the ‘g’ instead of the ‘i’ complicates matters the more.

Why did I choose such a name in the first place?

A geosyncline is an obsolete term for linear trough of subsidence of the Earth’s crust within which vast amounts of sediment accumulate. This blog was supposed to be an accumulation of different issues -geological and non-geological- from a Nigerian’s perspective (hence the ‘Nig’). The name hasn’t changed and therefore I have to change it.  I guess there really has to be something in a name!

Enter The Failed Rift

Failed rifts are extensional basins where continental rifting began, but then failed to continue to the point of break-up. Eastern Nigeria is dominated by the Northeast trending Benue trough which is classified as a failed rift. My home town, the university of my undergraduate years and just beginning post graduate years, plus the setting for the coming triumphs and challenges of life in the academia all sit on this rift.

So the blog has moved and I belive it’s a better name. Some of the articles will be transferred as time goes by but I stil apologize to those who may have subscribed to feeds or linked this blog on their sites. Again it’s


Accretionary Wedge: Back in time

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The June edition of the Acrretionary Wedge geoblogospheric carnival was hosted at outside the interzone. I’m obvious late as usual but the topic was too intriguing to so here i am with a one month late. the intruiging post is

“Where and when would you most like to visit to witness and analyze an event in Earth’s history”

Actually if I had a time machine I would go through the whole of geologic time on the spot where I’m on (Nigeria) to see how the land I live on has changed through time. But to narrow down I’ll go for the cretaceous when the Benue trough was evolving. there are still a few important questions to be answered:

  • Is the Benue rift a failed arm of an R-R-R triple junction formed at the early stages of the opening of the Atlantic (similar to the red sea-afar triangle) or is as a result of transcurrent movement along the chain and chacourt transform faults?
  • How extensive were the various trangressions in the area? Did all transcontinental connections between the Tetys and the Atlantic exist?
  • What caused the Santonian compression and it’s accompanying magmatism?

I’d also like to see the sedimentary environments where the formations of the Benue rift and the adjacent Anambra basin. And many more things.

The images are from here>

Where I'm talking about, 120 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 120 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 105 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 105 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 120 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 120 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 65 million years ago

Where I'm talking about, 65 million years ago

I’d also like to see Nigeria during the Pan- African orogeny (650-500 million years ago) to see how it happened and how those intrusions which stand out as the inselbergs I blog about earlier formed.

How not to run a Blog

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For two months now there has been zero activity on this blog. The excuses sound lame but at least I have to give a reason to those who have high expectations form this geoblog from Nigeria.

First of all, i’ve been working as a stand in Physics teacher here in Ibadan and with a change in the usual timetable, posting and editing on this blog had to be too few and too far. As when there’s time, there’s no electric power (Nigerians will be familiar with that); when there’s power no proper internet connection available. And when -by a freak of chance- all these things come together a month or even two would have passed. Things seem to have fallen in place as there a little bit of time at work where all the variables fall into place. I know my excuses are lame but I apologize and I promise to…

Accretionary Wedge Results

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My contribution to this month’s accretionary wedge festival was the first! It also spiked the number of hits on this blog! There have also been very encouraging comments from people whose blog I read. A lot of thanks.

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